In 2009 Agape's passion for the culture of design, and the long standing collaboration with Angelo Mangiarotti, culminated in the establishment of Agapecasa, dedicated to the re-edition of the original and timeless pieces of one of the greatest masters of post-war Italian design and architecture.


Angelo Mangiarotti: the discreet elegance of correctness.

Like Mies van der Rohe, but with an engineering background; like Jean Prouvé, but with a freer and more creative spirit; like Constantin Brancusi, but in line with the technologies of his time: Angelo Mangiarotti was a brilliant designer, capable of embracing and going beyond the ideals of the Modern Movement with his experimental and original designs on the most different scales, ranging from architecture to design and art.


The Mangiarotti Collection: authentic and original masterpieces.

Agapecasa has been trusted with exclusive production rights of the archives of Angelo Mangiarotti. The "Mangiarotti Collection" is a collection of original furniture pieces designed by Angelo Mangiarotti from the early 50s onwards: design classics, carefully tested and updated in full agreement with Studio Mangiarotti.