\ Mangiarotti Collection \ Multiuse

A versatile and elegant furnishing system elaborated upon down the years by the same designer working on the idea of a structure composed of wooden uprights and cross-beams incorporating horizontal shelves and vertical in-fill shelves, including the sliding panels functionally characterising the project. The design now being re-proposed features a structure in which the seamless horizontal planes hold up the vertical elements and are fitted with extruded aluminium cross-beams, whose distinctive section is designed to allow the front doors to slide. The doors’ interplay of concealing and revealing is the most distinctive stylistic feature of this still incredibly cutting-edge furnishing system: just like the systems designed by Charles and Ray Eames, here is another 20th-century classic handed down to us.


\ Technical data and variants

Modular system composed of horizontal plywood elements with a natural or dark oak finish alternated with closed containers with sliding doors on brushed chrome-plated aluminium runners. The containers are made of a plywood back and sides with a natural or dark oak finish and doors in the same finish or in white, (two shades of) grey, green or orange lacquered MDF. Available in three widths (155, 195 and 235 cm) and 4 heights, they are supplied without the doors, which must be fitted on all the units in the various different colours from the range.