A set of marble tables as the conclusion of research into embedded furniture with no joints or clamps: the structural design of the “Eros” tables involves gravity-based embedding between the top and leg made possible by the truncated-conical section of the leg itself, which easily accommodates the table top locking it in a preset position, while the weight of the material makes the embedding even tighter fitting and increases the overall stability of the entire structure. A system envisaged in various different forms and sizes, each with its own special embedding. The elegant design of the eyelets along the rims and corners of the table tops results from eliminate the more fragile parts, which would not have been able to withstand stress and strain: a sophisticated detail and distinctive feature of this authentic piece of structural invention.


\ Technical data and variants

Tables of various configurations and heights in white Carrara, black Marquina, grey Carnico marble, green Alpi marbleand Emperador Dark marble. With one or more truncated conical supports slotted into the top according to the shape: square, rectangle, oval, round or triangular. Tables with special sizes and finishes are also available. For costs and feasibility, ask at our offices. The tables can also be supplied in the low version (H cm 40), when not indicated.

Rectangular tops can have a maximum length of 240 cm, while oval tops can have a maximum length of 300 cm. Any variation of the top's dimensions does not implicate a redimensioning of the supports. The tables can also be supplied with two tone finishes using the white Carrara and black Marquina marble for the table top and the support.

All Agapecasa products are designed and manufactured for internal use. They cannot be placed outside unless otherwise indicated.